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17th October

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Submissions are now closed, thank you to everyone who nominated.
Shortlisted entries will be announced soon.

About the RLDatix Awards

The RLDatix Awards 2023 celebrate the dedicated teams and individuals in healthcare, who relentlessly strive to deliver exceptional care. In a time of challenges and resource constraints, these awards recognise and give credit to those who drive improvements, champion patient safety, and go above and beyond to enhance the quality of care for all.

In 2023, we have 6 categories of awards that are available to enter, all designed to recognise the incredible contributions of you and your colleagues in delivering safer, supported and sustainable care.

Who should enter?

We welcome entries or nominations from healthcare individuals, teams, private and third sector parties that have delivered innovation, transformation, excellence, fairness, fresh ideas or success in services and projects within the health and care arena.

This year’s RLDatix Awards is sponsored by AWS

Awards Categories and Criteria

Safer Care Award

Championing Patient Safety: Celebrating excellence in care delivery and innovative practices that ensure safer health and care experiences.

Supported Workforce Award

Nurturing Excellence, Empowering Teams: Celebrating organisations that prioritise employee well-being and promote a positive work environment.

Sustainable Organisation Award

Building Resilient Futures, Sustaining Organisational Success: Celebrating organisations committed to sustainable practices and long-term productivity for a healthier future.

Fairer Award for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Embracing Diversity, Empowering Change: Recognising organisations promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion to deliver equitable and compassionate care.

Innovative Award for Quality Improvement

Transforming Care, Driving Excellence: Celebrating leaders and teams who leverage innovation to enhance quality of care and outcomes.

Engagement Award for Community and Collaboration

Forging Stronger Bonds, Empowering the Teams: Recognising exceptional engagement, collaboration and communication.

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